3 Award-Winning Colleges One ACT

The Advance Colleges Trust (ACT) Group is made up of three award-winning colleges, Franklin Sixth Form College in Grimsby, John Leggott College in Scunthorpe and Wilberforce Sixth Form College in Hull. 

All three colleges are well established in their own region. However, the true strength of the group lies in its collaborative power, bringing together the best in education to support students in their learning journeys.

Franklin, JLC and Wilberforce enhance the student experience through up-to-the-minute innovative techniques and technologies. Staff and governors are united in maximising expertise and resources to further the life chances of young people and adults in the local community.

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Celebrating diversity, growing together

Every student that walks through our college doors is unique – and, therefore, we believe that a tailored approach to learning is the best way forward. Across the three colleges in the ACT group, we offer foundation degrees, A-Levels, BTEC and CTEC vocational courses and City and Guilds courses. The combinations are limitless and our focus is on finding the right fit for the right individual. 

Alongside our core educational programmes, our students have access to exciting opportunities for enrichment and work experience that complement their studies. For example, pre-med, police cadets and talented athlete support schemes are just some of the activities on offer.

The entire ACT family is committed to equipping students with the tools to grow professionally, personally and academically with a focus on inclusivity. The three colleges have a vibrant mix of students from local, regional and international schools and this diverse mix creates an exciting atmosphere in which to grow together.

<strong>Celebrating diversity, growing together</strong>
<strong>Celebrating diversity, growing together</strong>
<strong>Celebrating diversity, growing together</strong>
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Strives to achieve more

After Wilberforce I completed a 4 year degree in Chemistry at the University of Warwick, which included a year in the Netherlands as a Research & Development scientist for DSM, a multinational company specialising in health, nutrition and materials. I graduated with a 1st Class Master’s degree in Chemistry. This qualified me for the Science Graduate programme with Thames Water, where I am currently working in environmental regulation as part of this programme. I am also working towards further qualifications to be a Registered Scientist. I will always look back on my time at Wilberforce as a place that enabled me to discover my field, provided a platform for me to succeed and left me with a mind-set that strives to achieve more.

David Robson, Environmental Scientist, Wilberforce College

Some of my best memories

I chose Wilberforce because of the supportive teaching staff and the welcoming feel of the college. My favourite memory of Wilberforce would be the heart dissection that we did in A Level Biology; I had so much fun and the staff let me stay after class to further explore the anatomy of the heart.

The Excellence Programme along with the excellent Careers advice really helped me weigh up my options and supported me through university applications. Our trip to the Oxford and Cambridge open days really stuck with me. My time at Wilberforce has provided me with some of my best memories of education; I made friends for life and loved the college so much I went back as a university student for two years to mentor and help Biology students with their revision.

Emily Stonham, Biomedical Science student, Wilberforce College

More than happy to help

Throughout my time at Franklin Sixth Form College I was always interested in the sciences, and in particular the fantastic Biology course at Franklin. Having gained A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Law at Franklin College, I first went on to the University of Sheffield to study a BSc in Biomedical Science. I then gained experience in many different departments of the large teaching hospitals in Sheffield and spent time locally in Grimsby hospital. From this experience, I decided that I wanted to become a diagnostic radiographer. I, therefore, got back in touch with my old tutors at Franklin, who were more than happy to help me reapply for a degree in Diagnostic Radiography.

Claudia Foster, Franklin College
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